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That was awesome...

I loved the little troll, it reminded me of something on another website that had to do with Stephen King and the ideas for his novels. A little evil idea giving troll in the closet, I wish I would have thought of that. Can't wait till Ep. 2.


I'm sorry for the harsh ratings but you deserved this, you say the movie was not supposed to be about actual ww2? The soldiers have German Wehrmacht helmets, German weapons, and at the end theres a retard holding a flag that says "Hup Hup Deutschland," Deutschland meaning Germany. You're confusing me here, either way improve on your skills.

cheaterx51 responds:

oops yep
treu treu


Nothing like Jew-bashing cartoons to keep the Juden in line. Man, these damn animations you make crack me up every time. Keep them coming or Gene Simmons will spit in your face!... Not really, but I love your animations.

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Jesus Christ...

Very seldom do thing's creep me out, but this game did. Good work, being descencitized like me I thought this game wouldn't mess with me a bit. But it did, and that's something that's very hard to do. I love that feeling, the feeling I haven't felt in a long time. Thank's for bringing it back into my life, even if it's just a one time thing.


Absolutely amazing.

Great,I love this game.I'm addicted to this game,anyway's I see no flaw's in this game,I haven't ran into any bugs (of course not),just want to say,this game kicks ass.


I'm the guy who did all the art and animation for this game,so If you didn't like a few thing's about this game I'll explain some things:

1.)There is going to be more level's,and I'll be doing all the character design and graphics as well as the animation.

2.)There is going to be more enemies,there is only one in here because THIS IS ONLY a demo,and there will also be an opening cinematic and some storylines for the "Mission's."

3.)I'll be discussing some thing's with Ori,(about an ammunition limit),there is still alot to be completed.

You would have got a more complete Demo if I was around a little more often,but I've been having some law troubles lately.

They call me Syke.I've got no life,and you're reading this,so I assume neither do you.

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